Friday, July 18, 2008

Me and My Baby Sister

Hello everyone,

This is my first time posting and Adam is going to help me by typing while I tell him what to say.

Today was a awesome day. We went to the hospital to visit Kayleigh. She opened her eyes a lot and smiled at me. They lowered the incubator for me to see in easier. I also saw her yawn and one time she jumped because she got scared. It might have been a hiccup. She is the cuttest baby in the world. One of my favorite parts about seeing Kayleigh is putting on the aprons. I like to tie the apron around my waist. I have to get help to tie the one around my neck.

Before we went to the hospital, we went to eat lunch. We went to Hawthorne Pizza. I had one big piece of pizza. It was extra cheesy and it was very good. I was freezing in there because they had the air conditioning really cold. I had a really good time.

I read more of my book today. It is called "Diary of a Whimpy Kid" and I read 106 pages so far. My favorite part of the book so far is the chapter that talked about December because it was Christmas time and they got a lot of presents. He also got a car for his birthday.

Later today, I want to play guitar hero with Adam and watch my Wrestling (WWE) Friday Night Smackdown. My favorite wrestler is John Cena and Batista. Mommy has a crush on Batista and wants to marry him. ha-ha. If Mommy marries Batista, then I can sit in the front row and meet all the other wrestlers. That is so awesome!!!

Thank you for reading my first post and I promise to write a lot more. Bye, Peace, Adios, C-ya, Astalavista!


Aimee Freeman & Team Freeman said...

Hey dude. That is an awesome first post! I am so proud of you. It was very interesting to read all about your day & I can't wait to see your next update. I love you!

Christy said...

of course your sister smiles at you! she knows youre there! she'd probably love it if you brought your book and read a little bit of it to her! youre doing an awesome job, big brother!

Anonymous said...

Wow your blog looks great, my sister loves wrestling to, her favorite wrestlers are the same as yours. Your one cool boy. The picture of you and your little sister is very cute. Your doing a great job at being a big brother already keep up the good work.

Sam said...

Great blog, Brandon! You look very handsome in your yellow apron. You'll have to take extra special care of your new baby sister, she sure is special! Keep posting, I'll love reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I left your sister a message and we wanted to leave you one too! You have a lot in common with my 7 year old son! Wrestling and football!

This time next year your baby sister will be trying to tackle you! Baby sisters love to get their brothers!

My little girl has three big brothers!

Great site you have started and have fun!

The Andwan Family
Cincinnati, Ohio

Sarah J. said...

Hey Brandon. My name is Sarah and I've been following your baby sisters story since reading about her on babycenter. I think its awesome that you have your own blog now! I can't wait to read more of your posts.

I had 4 big brothers growing up and I loved being the baby sister. We used to watch wrestling together too. You should tell Kayleigh all about wrestling so when she's home she'll be able to watch it with you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brandon, it's Brandi, Adam's cousin from ohio. I can't wait to see more updates! Sounds like your a great reader, My daughter Arianna is 7 and she loves chapter books too! On day she read a whole book it had 139 pages, it was a High school musical book.
take care
Brandi and family

Amber said...

What a neat blog you got here Brandon, it looks AWESOME! It sounds like you had a busy day. And all that talk of pizza sure is making me hungry! I look forward to seeing more updates from you!

The Baldwin Family said...

What a great picture of you and your baby sister. I sure like your blog. I think you are a terrific big brother.

I'll keep checking to see how you and your sisters are doing. I have a little baby that was born little like your baby sister was. He's doing great now.

Have a good weekend
Kim Baldwin
Houston, Texas

Carly Nicole Elliotte My Micro Preemie said...

Hey Brandon! I'm Rachel. I just love your new blog! And OH MY GOODNESS you like wrestling???!!! My little brother LOVES, LOVES, LOVES that stuff!!!! Do you really think you can get your mom to marry Batista? What will we do with you daddy then? ha-ha!

You look like a very proud BIG brother in that picture with you and Kayleigh! You are going to have a blast playing with her when she gets home. Don't forget to tell her how much you love her each time you see her!

Take care and I can't wait to read what you write next!


Smithmomof3 said...

Hi Brandon - My name is Jen and my youngest son's name is also Brandon. He is 6 yrs. old, though. He also loves wrestling. That is a wonderful picture of you and Kayleigh - you are such a great big brother already! I can't wait to read more of your posts to come. Take care!

Thoughts and Prayers from Ohio-


zzzzzbaby from bbc said...

I like the picture of you with your fists up. I think "The Blade" would be the coolest ever wrestling name, and it's so cool that it actually comes from your real name, so it's not just a completely made-up name.

I've been following your little sister's story and heard that you had a blog now, so I had to come check it out and post on it. :-)

Have a great day!

Adam and Aimee Freeman said...

Hey Dude! I hope you are having a good day over at Dads house. I can't wait until you come back over so we can video tape. I am a little afraid though. I am afraid that you are going to beat me up and then I have to show all your friends and family on your blog that I got beat up by a little kid. I might have train a little extra harder over the next couple days until you get back. You better train hard too because I got some crazy moves I am going to put on you. You are going to tap out quicker than you can say "booga wooga" I love you dude and I can't wait to see you Wednesday :) Adam or "Dadam"

Kathlene said...

Hey Brandon!

Cool website! Love the music! We see you're still into wrestling! Cool. Hope to see you soon.

Love, Hannah and Jacob

samuel said...

Hey Brandon,

Love the Blog!!! What a great job. Hope you're having a good summer. Take care of your baby sister. We love you and miss you!!

Aunt Karyn & Uncle Scott