Thursday, July 17, 2008

My First Blog

This is Brandon's new website and we will be updating it starting tomorrow. Please stay tuned.



Adam and Aimee Freeman said...


We are really looking forward to your posts. You are the most awesome kid around and we love you more than anything. - Mommy and Adam

Anonymous said...

Hey, dude! Love the blog! We left you a message earlier, must not be good at this blog-thing yet! Glad you are enjoying your book! We will get another next time you visit! Love you! Nama, Papa, Casey Roy xoxoxo

Kathlene Hicks said...

Hey Brandon! It's Hannah and Jacob! Very cool blogspot! Love the music! Can't wait to see you and play more video games!

H and J

samuel said...

Hi Brandon,

Cool Blogspot! your step dad is a pretty neat guy!! Love your pics and I think The Blade is a very cool name for you!! Take care of your baby sister...I think she's pretty cool too!!

Love you,

Great Aunt Karyn & Goofy Uncle Scott

Lisa said...

You don't know me but I think your blog is cool!
Lisa in Chicago

Anonymous said...

Hi little big guy! Nama and Papa here...LOVE your new videos!!! I am glad you beat Adam wrestling and that you came back when you disappeared!! Can't wait to see you.......xo Nama