Friday, July 25, 2008


Hello Everyone,

Are you ready for the fight of the year???? Just watch below as you see me take on a giant!!!!

I had a wonderful week since I posted last. I did a lot of fun things and I want to share them with you. When I was at my Dad's house I got to play with Josh who is the son of my Daddy's friend. Josh and I played "war" with playing cards and we played the playstation. When I was over at my Mom's house, I played "Dance Online" on the computer and watched Adam play Guitar Hero. The cool part was watching this magic show on tv that was really really awesome. My favorite part was when this guy got struck by a 2 million volt bolt of lightning. He tried 3 million, but he got hurt and went in the ambulance. I also got to go up to the hospital to see Kayleigh. I got to hold her hand.

Since I really like magic, Adam decided to make me dissapear. So check out our famous magic show!!!

Thank you for watching :)



melissa said...

Very cute. I loved your shows!

Sarah J. said...

Awesome blog! I'm so glad you had such an awesome week. War is my favorite card game, I used to play with my older sister all the time. I hope this week is just as awesome!

Sarah J.

Anonymous said...

Brandon, I think you're doing a great job as big brother, and I love the HAIR! Keep up the good blog! Leslie from CT.

Grandma and Papa G said...

Hey Brandon,
We love what you are doing on your blog - keep up the good job. Papa and I enjoy reading it and watching your videos. Great magic trick. I heard Allyson and mom's arms got tired from shaking the blanket!! Only 2-days until Pymatuming - we are going to have so much fun. Are you all packed yet?
Love you bunches,
Grandma and Papa G