Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Check it out!! We are the two coolest boys in the house! Wait...we are the only two boys in the house -:-) <== That is my new smily face with a mohawk.


Brandon and Adam


zzzzzbaby from bbc said...

Awesome hairdo, dudes!

Brandon, my little boy likes to copy the picture you have on the title of your blog. He puts his fists up like yours and says, "Look at that!" LOL! He's only two, so he isn't too creative with what he says yet, but he thinks you are really cool.

Judi English and Uncle John Wojtowicz said...

You guys are too much!!! Brandon, I think I remember you dad wearing his hair like that when he was younger. Don't let him fool you!!! He always was the jokster when he lived with G'ma Patty and G'pa Gary. I remember visiting their home with Uncle John a long time ago. We are praying for you all. Do good in school and be happy. Judi and Uncle John

Judi English and Uncle John Wojtowicz said...

Uncle John and I say happy Halloween to you and your sister. Did you dress up as a wrestler or a guitar king? Show us pictures.

MoonNStarMommy said...

Hi Brandon, my name is Calahan. I have a blog too. I have brothers who were in the hospital when they were babies like your sister. My mom found your links and your sisters on your baby sisters blog. I just wanted to say hi. I like your hair!

Cal said...

Oops sorry - forgot I was working on my page under my mom's account. This is mine.