Sunday, August 10, 2008


Jason, Brandon, Julia, Penelope, Allyson and Lauren

Look who lost one of his front teeth

One of Brandon's favorite games is Guitar Hero. We have bought and conquered all of them. Brandon has mastered all the songs on the "Hard" level, so here he is working on one his songs on the "Expert" level. ***This kid can rock and he is only 7 years old.

Last Sunday we went up to Pymatuning State Park in Ohio for a family reunion. My Step Dad's family is really big and there are a lot of cousins to play with. On Monday, we went to the spillway and if you have never heard of it, it is wild. There are so many fish (carp) that swim in this small area, that they are all over eachother. They say the ducks walk on water because there is too many fish to swim in it. We also went to Papa Yash's house and I got to pick out a blanket for Kayleigh. Adam's Grandmother made several blankets for the grandchildren before she passed away. We picked out a pink blanket that has a cute elephant on it. Since Adam's first stuffed animal was an elephant, we thought it would be perfect for Kayleigh.

On the Carnival night, we played games. We played a fishing game where you throw a fishing rod over a curtain and there is someone behind it that puts candy on it and then we pulled it over the curtain to get and keep the candy. We played another game where you throw a ring on top of bottles to get the ring to fit around the neck of the bottle. I won a plastic blow up guitar. I also got a money sign ($) painted on my face. I got the money sign because "I love money." ha-ha! We also played a game where there is a blow up swimming pool and there are ducks in it. You get three tries to pick up a duck where it says "winner, try again or sorry" on the bottom of the duck. I won a little kangaroo.

The next day, we went to the petting zoo. I pet a camel, several goats, two cows, a billy goat with a broken leg and sheep. I got to feed a panther. I got to throw this white tube filled with food down in to it's cage. I also fed two deer, a turtle and a parrot. I saw a lion, tiger, bears, horses, donkey, sloth, monkeys, two chameleons, and an armadillo. When we got back to the campsite, we did a talent show. My talent was breakdancing. Everyone tied in the talent show, so I won two glowsticks. One of green and one of yellow.

The net day, we went to the "Waldemeer Park" where they had rollercoasters. I got to ride two rollercoasters. I was scared on the first one, but not the second one. On the water ride that is called Thunder River, it has two hills. One was small called Little Thunder and the bigger hill was called Big Thunder. Little Thunder was not scary at all, but I peed my pants on Big Thunder. Thank goodness the water ride soaked my pans to cover up my accident. There was one ride that made me really dizzy because it kept throwing us back and forth and around and around. I went on a total of four water slides and then I went in a really hot, hot tub.

The next day rained so we stayed inside and played with cousins. Before it rained, we all made our t-shirts. We got to put our names on them and color them. That is about all we did that day.

The next day we did the Olympics. The first game was sack races with a partner where we both had to put one leg in the bag and race. We broke our bag when we tried to get our feet out. The next game was called speed cup stacking. You had to make a building with a cup and take it down really fast and whoever did it the fasted, won. I won when it was my turn. The next game was a water balloon relay race. We had to carry the balloon on a spoon and race around a circle before we pass it off to the next person. Then we did a water gun fight to end the games.

Then the next day we had a long long drive home with Grandma and Papa G. We were glad to get home to see Mom, Adam and Kayleigh. We missed them a lot.



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samuel said...

Hi Brandon,

I am so glad you were at the family reunion. It was awesome to have everyone there. I just wish your mom and Adam could have stayed longer, although I know they had more important things to take care of. Give your baby sister a kiss for me. I hope you are enjoying school. Tell everyone I said hello. And crazy Uncle Scott too!!!

Love you and miss you!!
Great Aunt Karyn